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Dr. Morar’s Personal Profile

Dr. Morar has completed over 35,000 Interventional Radiology procedures as of July 30th 2023 and has performed majority of these procedures in his outpatient surgical centers which he built and operated with his partner and wife, Mita Morar since 2006. In addition, they have had several joint ventures in multiple healthcare enterprises including a physician owned hospital in Dayton Ohio. He started working on health care charity projects in India over 10 years ago while on a trip with his uncle, Raman Patel who has been his mentor in life and who has inspired Dr. Morar about health care and education causes in India.

On a personal level, Dr. Kamal is passionate about health as it pertains to Indians and has done a significant amount of research on Metabolic Syndrome and early heart disease in the Indian population. In this, he has a keen interest in Indian history and how that has affected the health of Indians. He has been diagnosed with Metabolic Syndrome and diabetes and has a strong family history of heart disease. On a social level, he is married to his college sweetheart, Mita Morar since 1997. They have two sons, Satya and Niam who are pursuing careers in medicine and engineering respectively. Dr. Morar likes to spend time with his large family and friends when he is not working and enjoys American Football with his favorite team being the Cincinnati Bengals. He likes to listen to Hindi music with his favorite song, of course, being. “one 2 ka 4” from the movie Ram Lakhan.