Why Indians? History

Advance blood testing for MIS and needed advance Radiology Imaging to detect early heart disease is not available at most places and when available, it is too expensive because insurance companies will not cover the costs. With this growing concern pertaining to his own health, Dr. Morar started to realize that this is a serious problem for all Indians worldwide and the only immediate solution to this problem is to start a comprehensive program in India at a low-cost structure so that all Indians could have access to early diagnosis and treatment for this life-threatening condition that is killing so many Indians.

Indians are more at risk than any other people on the planet because of a poor genetic history created by the 200 years of British occupation of India which killed millions of Indians by starvation and now has put them at risk of early heart disease and deaths.

200 years of British Occupation resulted in 9 major Famines and mass starvation

  • This led to 50% infant mortality rates during that time
  • We are all survivors from babies that lived while starving
  • This created an addiction for sugar for Indians = Survival Mechanism
  • Indians became super insulin producers to help store energy
  • The mechanism that helped Indians survive is now killing us